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is off death row. a few hours ago, the city of san francisco reached a deal with his owner. >> he relinquished ownership of charley so that we could place him with a rescuer sanctuary. >> reporter: the 2-year-old pitbull will not be euthanized. police deemed him dashlgous and sentenced -- dangerous and sentenced him to death in august after he chased and attacked a police horse. since then, his owner has been rallying for his dog's life, launching a huge internet campaign. it also drew quite a bit of criticism. animal control officials say the owner never took responsibility for his dog. the city attorney agreed to spare the dog's life with a catch. the owner would have to give him occupy and sign him over -- up and sign him over to a rescue organization. >> he will have no contact with the future owner in any way, shape, or form. he will receive updates about his health and well being. and that concludes the matter. >> reporter: we asked a trainer if charley who has attacked in the past can be retabltated. >> i -- rehabilitated. >> i think it's possible for all dogs. it has to b
in the heart of san francisco. good evening, i'm annette. breaking news on the peninsula after two people, including a two-year-old child, were shot in menlo park. the victims were at a mcdonald's in east palo alto. don knapp picks up the story from there. don. >> reporter: we're on willow road. this is where the shooting occurred. probably the traffic lights of the intersection. as we understand it, two vehicles were at the intersection, an altercation ensued, a gun reached out the window and started firing into the other vehicle, quite a few shots were fired and right now, we can hear from the commander to tell us what happened. >> at this point, the two victims are at stanford hospital, they're in stable condition. my understanding is that the injuries to the child are wounds to the legs and a graze to the head. the mother is also wounds to the legs. they are all in stable condition. they are nonlife threatening injuries at this time. >> as we understand it, the shooting occurred here and the victim's vehicle drove like mad over to the east palo alto area where the mcdonald's is and
fan, brian stowe. and for the san francisco 49ers, a little less nfc after glow as the team gets down to business and the baltimore ravens. good evening, i'm ken bastida. the police chief wants everyone to listen up. he is not mincing his words after another officer was shot in east oakland. the second this week. cbs 5 reporter is at the scene. juliette. >> reporter: ken, the police chief taking a tough stance tonight. police were out here around 5:45 this evening. they were investigating this hit-and-run car crash that you can see. then they heard gun shots a block away. they ran to the scene. police say the gunman saw them in uniform and started firing shots directly at them. >> this will not be tolerated. you cannot shoot at police officers when they are trying to carry out their work in the line of duty. >> tonight, oakland's police chief saying the streets are getting meaner and tonight with another officer shot in the line of duty, comes this message. >> we're going to do everything in our powers to put an end to this. >> a 13 year veteran who was shot in the leg returned f
is at the hall of justice in the city tonight. >> reporter: tonight, san francisco police are investigating the sexual assault allegation involving 49ers wide receiver michael crabtree. as of tonight, cbs 5 has learned he is in atlanta right now with his team. >> reporter: san franciscos me say the alleged -- san francisco police say the alleged assault involving michael crabtree occurred in a san francisco hotel room last sunday morning after the 49ers' playoff victory over the packers. today, he was practicing with the team in santa clara. our cameras caught him literally running late to board the bus as it was on route to the airport and then onto atlanta. the police department said "michael crabtree has been interviewed with his lawyer present and has cooperated in this investigation. michael crabtree has not been detained or arrested and has agreed to make himself available." the 49ers are aware of the allegations and say they take such matters very seriously. the team has they have nothing further comment as the legal ares is ongoing -- process is ongoing. fans say no one should rush
hours until 3:00 a.m. and in san francisco, i'm elizabeth harrington, cbs5. >> police will be out in force looking for anyone who has had too much to drink. they'll be looking for you long before you get into your car. the city is issuing a zero policy tolerance. >> if you see someone drinking too much, unable to care for yourself, be forewarned now you could be stopped by the san francisco police department. you can be cited and go to jail as well. >> even if you make it to the cab, you're not home free. if you get sick in the back, you could be charged $100 on the spot to cover clean up costs. >> wow, if you need a slap in the face, the weather will oblige. roberta's got the details. >> it is going to get cold. we're calling on our high- definition radar. the precipitation will befalling into a form of snow. currently the skies are clearing out with a direct result. the temperature, they have been plummeting. livermore is now at 41 degrees, but check out santa rosa with clear skies, 36 degrees. a bit of a cloud cover in redwood city and we'll call it partly cloudy. tonight a few
. we'll have a sunny sunday and some changes coming up this week. >> and homicides in san francisco took a disturbing jump in 2012, how some are paying tribute to the nearly 70 victims. >> and it's 8:30 on sunday. >> we have a lot of news to cover in the next hour. the big story this week was the state budget. it turned out to be rosie skies in sacramento again. how long is that going to last? >> that was a shark, too. >> exactly. >> after all the dismal predictions and we might have a surplus and that is coming up. >> first, the top story of the day. the 49ers are going to the nfc championship and that is going to be here after beating the green bay packers last night at candle stick park. >> and 9ers were down 7-0 early and ran for 181 yards, an nfl record. a 56-yard dash put the 49ers in front for good. the final score, niners 45; packers, 41 and during the win, san francisco police kicked 92 spectators out of the stadium and more arrested for public intoxication. they were hanging onef play. in san francisco, was to on and green bay scored first and can you hear the roaring in t
. >> and another jair code split for the bay -- area code split for the bay area. >> san francisco's got one 5, as in 15% of our average rainfall for january. when is the rain coming back? ,,,,,,,,,, story that captivated the all-star >>> kind of a sad new twist on a love story that captivated the country. an all-star college football player and his cancer-stricken girlfriend. tonight it appears her tragic death was actually a well-orchestrated hoax. at his expense! juan fernandez reports. >> every letter she sent me, be humble, be gracious, and always remember that i love you. >> reporter: it was the inspirational story of the college football season, manti te'o talking about the death of his girlfriend. four months after her death, it turns out she never existed. a 3-year online relationship, reports of a courageous battle with leukemia, all a hoax. the news brought to life by the website, >> we called all of the funeral homes where several sources reported she had been buried. they had no information on it. and this really told us that there's something really going on here. >
in san francisco's tender loin district. the woman was looking for a cellphone in her car. a man walked up and demanded money. she pocket-checked her and got only a few dollars. the woman says her 12-year-old dog was in the car and barked at the suspect. >> she didn't have enough money. so he took her dog, lifted it over his lead, and hurled it into moving traffic. >> reporter: the dog died. support for the woman has been pouring in. a few people even offered her a new dog. but she's not ready to move on. she treated her like her child. >> in time. i'm grieving. >> reporter: she posted the surveillance footage on a facebook page. the african american man is about 6'1", lean and clean shaven. >> we're going to get you. >> reporter: the victim hopes people who realize the name will call san francisco police. there is a $3,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. >>> the fiscal cliff debate is over. for now. as wyatt andrews explains , it's packed with what many would call good old fashioned pork. >> reporter: the law passed so quickly, many in congress never realized it was full
. the forecast in a minute. >> it will be a great game. >> high expectations from san francisco. the san francisco 49ers are one game away from the super bowl. >> and it is 8:30 a.m. on sunday, january january 20th. thank you for joining us. i am anne makovec. >> and i am phil matier. we have a lot of new to cover in the next hour. the council member, the latest addition to the group will be here. >> and we will be talking to the housing market as housing prices finally started to rise. what does that mean for sellers and buyers? we have an expert in the studio to discuss that. plus so many things going on. the big game, the 49ers, and the mavericks at moon bay. we will preview it for you. >> and president obama officially begins his second term just before 9:00 a.m. this morning. >> yes. >> he will have a private ceremony and swearing in. the public swearing in the tomorrow. >> on the latest poll according to cbs news new york times he is heading into his 2nd term with a preview rating of 51%. his highest rating was 68% in april of 2009. so, vice president biden was sworn in for hi
it doesn't happen again. >> the powerful message from those honoring victims in san francisco. >>> the 49ers are one win away from going to the superbowl. it was a dominant performance for the team in red and gold as they dismantle the the packers. vernon has more. >> and i tell you i am dizzy over what happened. what was the license number that have scarlet and gold car that hit 70,000 inside of the ballpark. what a performance. the last time san francisco beat green bay at home in a playoffs situation like this, it was with steve young's arm. 14 years later, it was with coldlin cappermake's leg. here is cap there in on a record night and after throwing an interception on his first try, look at this man go to work. nobody opened, i will run it anyway. how about a 20-yard touchdown to tie the game up at seven. tied at 24 midway through the third. this one as ahmadinejad design play -- design play. giving san francisco a lead, they would not give up, won and capperknack rushed for is 84 yards. we just saw him in the post- game comments and unflippable for a man this young to have had so m
are now. immediately after the game, they are celebrating in the streets of san francisco as it was generally peaceful with the major problems and the far cry from the celebrations winning the world series as they will continue to move around the bay area. linda yee checked out a couple of them. >> i did -- i did not see some of them, but some tension down in the air. >> reporter: the color of the hour red and white and the same quest as we hope they will win their sixth super bowl. but the fans, they are excited and just moments after that game was over today, they hit the streets. >> reporter: they were on the sidewalk, in the bars, and parading down the stereoed. niners fever is incurable tonight. >> we're going to the super bowl. >> reporter: this guy had his own version of kaepernick and it did not take long for the new orleans themed t-shirts to hit the streets. they were moving fast. >> we've got that in going to the super bowl. >> reporter: throughout the celebrating city, cops were keeping a close eye on public drinking, confiscating gaily kor consumed on the side
-- >> a state lawmaker from san francisco is proposing a homeless bill of rights. it basically -- the idea is to protect the civil rights of homeless people. >> statewide recommendations at a uniform plan in every california city where homeless people can get health care and find a clean bathroom or a place to stay. >> we are not going to usurp any local community's local laws about it but like to provide direction for how to alleviate homelessness. >> the goal is to help the homelessness rather than criminalize them. would also include free legal representation. >>> new this morning, a shooting in san bruno puts a teenaged girl in the hospital. it happened just before 10:30 last night near the intersection of santa teresa way and park boulevard next to cappuccino high school. the san mateo county sheriff's office says the girl who was shot was 16 years old from south san francisco. right now in stable condition. no arrests have been made. >>> across the nation, several gun shows within an hour's drive from where gunman opened fire at an elementary school in connecticut have been cancelled
of sentiment is what's behind a proposed homeless bill of rights. san francisco assemblyman introduced the legislation calling for statewide recommendations. >> basically what it's saying is, is we're not going to usurp any communities local laws about it. but we'd like to provide direction for how to alleviate homelessness. >> reporter: that means a uniform plan in every california city of where the homeless can get health care. benefits, find a clean bathroom or place to stay. he wants the goal to be to help the homeless rather than criminalize them. >> i think there's been a trend to criminalize a person if they're homeless. just because they're homeless. >> reporter: homeless i talk to say they're frequently cited by police. simply for living their day-to- day lives. >> i have one right in my wallet. >> reporter: for what? >> they give us citations just for sleeping you know. we should be allowed to sleep. >> reporter: the bill is still being formed but he says it would include free legal representation. a controversial part that would allow protection for certain activities on pub
with no incidents reported in the 7 years he has been a pilot here in san francisco bay area. the bar pilot's association said he did pass his alcohol test but drug tests are pending. >> what mr. happen to the tanker? >> reporter: it remains anchored off treasure island tonight. tomorrow the coast guard will continue its investigation and do more inspections of the hull to make sure it is sea worthy and not leaking any oil before it is allowed back out to sea. >>> diners in liver more didn't realize the meal they were eating could have been their last. a cadillac escalade, went crashing right through the restaurant, after the driver mistook the gas for the brake he plowed right through the glass into the dining room injuring four people. jim had just finished his la san. >> we were sitting -- lasagne. >> we were sitting having lunch about there, and all of a sudden, this explosion happened, this cadillac escalade, flew through the restaurant 20 miles an hour. >> the worst injury was a broken leg and the structure itself was not damaged. >>> san carlos airport is back open after a small plan
. >> reporter: the last hall of fame controversy with a san francisco great was years ago. >> he missed two days of being eligible because he was out injured for two days, then wasn't on the roster, and it counted that against him. >> reporter: barry bondy and lefty may have little to do with etch -- other, except that mr. bonds ate at his restaurant lately. >> what did he order? >> a home run . a choice of pan characters meat and eggegs. >> should he be in the hall of fame? >> yhe should. >> reporter: likely , the best player of his generation. likely took steroids. >> they were all wasted when they played baseball. you got to let them in, and you got to let everybody else in. they broke the rules. and i think what it does, it tarnishes the accomplishments of the immortals that came before them. >> reporter: it's interesting to hear from fans but their votes don't count. >> the president of the baseball writers' association. i chose not to vote for barry bonds. >> reporter: steroids, she says, tainted the game. >> the current hall of fame players do not want players from the steroid era in th
. the station was closed all afternoon, catching many riders by surprise. >> i'm trying to go to san francisco airport to work so now i have to report i'm going to be late. >> i'm on it every week, so it is a little scary. >> reporter: police say there were witnesses and they are hoping surveillance video taken on a nearby transit bus may give them some clues. last month there was another b- a-r-t shooting, this one at the pittsburgh bay point station. but police say crimes like this are still rare. >> we don't have a an of shootings whether it be in daylight or nighttime. so this is atypical. >> and even that hour police say they are still talking to witness and gathering evidence. there was a second crime scene where they found some evidence in a nearby residential neighborhood. they won't release what that was. they have established a anonymous tip line at 510-464- 7011. live in san leandro. cbs 5. >>> another fate aol shooting in -- another fatal shooting in san francisco at fillmore and gary streets. after being hit, the man crashed into a parked car. the gunman who witnesses say was wear
by this and everyone gets involved. >> that means big bucks the impact offer people's wallets in san francisco. you can be part of the online revolution. the push to make the day after the super bowl a national holiday. the 49ers are resting in their hotel in new orleans. they are days away from super bowl xlvii and hopefully their 6th nfl championship in team history. cbs 5 sports director dennis o'donnell is at the superdome with more >> reporter: i think once the team arrives like the 49ers did tonight you start to feel the energy and room lift a little bit. the baltimore ravens will be coming in tomorrow, but i think the focus remains on colin kaepernick the 49ers quarterback. when you think about the 49ers teams of the 1980s the prodigious offenses joe montana john taylor roger craig jerry rice. colin kaepernick is essentially bringing a college offense to the super bowl. >> do you think collin that the offense from college was going to work in the nfl? >> i thought it would work to some extent. i didn't think it was something you could run every play. i mean, there's too many good athlete
below average that is significant. concord nearly 5 degrees below. san francisco a little better but still cold, 3 degrees below average. things will change big time soon find out when the 60s are coming back, that is coming up in a few minutes. >> see you then. it will be tough to stay warm for a few dozen people in lark spur because a 150-foot tree smashed into a house across the street here taking down power lines with it. about 70 customers lost power, 30 still in the dark until at least tomorrow morning. >>> worry overnight freezing temperatures could lead to a problem we saw this morning, black ice in the east bay caused this multi car pile up near the claire mount resort in berkeley. no body was hurt. >>> cold weather is threatening central valley cropproduce prices are skyrocketing as a result. farm workers spent the day protecting crops from another night of frost. last night's temperature were not low enough to kill the crop but id did do cosmetic damage and will reduce the shelf life of the artichokes. >> the longer it stays below freezing the more damage, the tissue w
back into san francisco. >> reporter: "a&a is confident of the safety of the dreamliner and inspects all boeing aircraft on a daily basis to insure safety of our operation." also releasing this statement, "working with the appropriate regulatory agency." >>> police are on the hunt for a man who tried to kidnap a toddler. at around 5:30 tonight, a mother noticed a stranger walk up to her kids. when she picked up her daughter, the man grabbed the gurl's legs and try -- girl's legs and tried to pull her away. the mother was able to get in her home and call police. the man she described as smelling like auto oil ran off. >>> he's been credited with turning around police departments in two of the nation's biggest cities. buff tonight oakland's -- but tonight, oakland's plan to hire him is meeting some resistance. >> reporter: protestors jam oakland city council chambers, irate over this man's words. >> for any city to say they don't do stop and frisk, they don't know what the hell they're talking about. >> reporter: he is the former police #k450e6 of los angeles and -- chief of los angele
of 2014. in san francisco, sharon chin, cbs 5. >>> 30 fights, 31 citations and countless energy drink and cocktails later, the party is over. >> nobody wants to be in business and have a fight with the city all the time. >> the long bumpy road that brought last call and the owners parting shots at the walnut creek establishment. >>> on the mound he brings an unmistakable fiery identity. the ugly incident that unfolded at the security check point when sergio romo couldn't produce the proper i.d. >>> he showed up alone out of the blue, but the latest visitor is getting a warm welcome and a name. ,,,,,, ♪ [ male announcer ] the distances aren't getting shorter. ♪ the trucks are going farther. the 2013 ram 1500 with best-in-class fuel economy. engineered to move heaven and earth. guts. glory. ram. the new ram 1500. motor trend's 2013 truck of the year. ip never got muc >>> well the owner says he is just trying to run a nightclub as police call it a magnet for crime. the relationship never got much further than that. tonight the vice ultra lounge is closed for good. cbs 5 reporter with
they swam from treasure island to san francisco in just over an hour. you conquered your fears now? >> it felt great. all the stuff on land that i still have to worry about. >> reporter: like the hundred or so people who jammed in to hear him read and sign his work. he side he suffers more anxiety from social situations like this. seems fear has a lot of company and he hopes that translates into book sales. in san francisco, linda yee. >> speaking of cold, these are the coldest temperatures we've had so far this winter. likely beating these temperatures over the next couple of days. live look outside. your forecast is next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, thanks, paul. >>> we've been talking about how it's been pretty chilly. but it's going to get colder. >> we'll go from chilly to chillier over the next couple days. he's the 6-10 day outlook here. all signs are saying we have a bullseye on the western half of the country for cold air. including the bay area. likely through mid january we're trending colder. tonight, chilly but not that cold yet. oakland mid40s. radar is clear. we're talking about
the niners win the super bowl, san francisco mayor, ed lee, does not want a repeat of this. what he called knuckle heads after the giants won the world series last year. they set fire. they will have extra cops on parole, but the mayor released this statement saying he expects a peaceful super bowl sunday in san francisco, encouraged bar and restaurant owners to use their best judgment when serving alcohol and not serve visibly intoxicated patrons. >> i think to myself, no duh. >> exactly. that's our point of view. >> at clooney's pub, they'll be keeping a close eye for troublemakers. >> let's have a good time. have some drinks, be safe. don't destroy other people's property, you know. make it a fun night. >> on 24th and van nest, bartenders won't hesitate to cut you off if you're drunk. >> respect the city. being a bartender, we won't tolerate any people. especially not here anyway. >> as sfpd says, let's not tear down the city. let's show the world we are high class. >> so after the niners beat the falcons, you tweeted, celebrate with respect. something to keep in mind as they a
the san francisco's mayor's call to bar owners to watch it on super bowl sunday. he doesn't want them over serving people. well, the city's bartenders have a message for the mayor and sharon chin is at clooney's in the mission. sharon. >> reporter: liz, bars like this expect to be packed on super bowl sunday and on that day, bartenders, many of them say that they are going to make the choice on what to serve. owns the saloon says he follows the alternatives, it would sideline his mission district business. >> by not allowing us to do our job, you know, it goes back to prohibition. >> he is an ambassador. he represents one of the trade groups that is taking a stand against lee's suggestion. the american beverage institute calls it a ridiculous idea and urges the city to avoid demonizing a legal product. he understands the mayor wants to prevent the riots that erupted after the world series, but restricting hard alcohol sales isn't the solution. >> responsible beverage service and responsible beverage consumption go hand in hand. that's, as we free americans have the right to do. whether
was last seen. >> the concrete was removed and several bones were located. the san francisco medical examiner's office did respond to evaluate the bones. at this time, under preliminary investigation, it's determined that the bones are believed to be of animal remain, not human remains. >> in february of 1984, kevin was last seen at a bus stop on his way home from basketball practice at st. agnus school. it was a first in a series of searches in the 80s and early 90s. he was supposed to have ridden home in a car with a coach. >> it was his brother's coach. maybe he felt like his brother wasn't there that night and he wasn't wanted. >> kevin's mother, ann collins, seen here, now tells cbs 5 the renewed investigation gives her the chills. witnesses at the time kevin disappeared say he was pushed into a car with two teenagers who had mohawk haircuts and the car quickly drove away. the man who lived in the house matched the description of a man talking to kevin. >> two men, two boys, they were together. he had a motorcycle business here and the other owned a restaurant. i associate w
this week at mac world starting thursday in san francisco. hollywood movers and shakers will take center stage, including ashton kutcher and is to talk about his experience playing apple founder steve jobs in the movie that is winning accolades. two big developments in silicon valley the past few days, apple disappointed wall street with the latest report. >> and netflix brought in a surprising net income of nearly 8 ms. tale of -- $8 million. tale of two techies? i don't know. we sat down with the personal technology columnist for the san jose mercury news. the first question is with apple, the giant, what is going on there? >> apple is going through a transition period right now and they are moving from a period of very high growth. they're growing as recently as a year or two years ago and revenue growth per quarter. year-over-year growth and phenomenal for a company as big as they are and they're slowing down. and the earnings didn't grow at all. thaprinting the next quarter that earnings will decline. >> is this just a case of people having the iphone and waiting for the next versio
, but traffic is getting back to normal. >>> in the san francisco neighborhood, they are stunned by what they saw. and a woman was set on fire in the middle of the san francisco streets. it happened just a few blocks from candlestick park. cbs 5 reporter talked to the woman's sister who saw it happen. linda? >> and the young victim remains in the burn unit here at st. francis hospital. and the sister says that it was the boyfriend's fault. they have fought and then it escalated into where a fight where he set her on fire. neighbors heard horrifying cries for help and then saw a woman on fire tearing at her clothing. they did not want to be identified. >> we heard some screaming and we went outside. >> i had seen a fire and she was running taking off her clothes. >> reporter: it was the 25-year- old who was the mother of three young children. >> most of her face is burnt and just a little bit of the hair is there. >> reporter: and they are accusing her boyfriend, the 22- year-old of torching her after a fight. >> they got into an argument and she left the laundromat. >> reporter: she was
inland valleys, san francisco 52. >> what the heck is next to the moon? let me show you. just to the left can you see it? i'm not sure. i saw it outside tonight. that would be jupiter from our perspective making its closest pass to the moon between now and 2026. >> jupiter hanging out with the moon tonight. >>> 37, redwood city, pass week and a half, nights have been cold but afternoons have been mild. we'll do it again tomorrow. cbs 5 doppler dry for now, but there is a building storm off to the west. not going to be heavy rainfall. we've had very for the month and 0 over the past 10 days. >> tomorrow, the warm before the storm. this high pressure moves out. tomorrow likely will be the mildest day for you. many into the mid to upper 60s. the pattern is changing. high pressure gone by wednesday. here comes a weak front coming through. showers back by wednesday. some could see quarter inch to half an inch. >> overall pattern is changing. look at the highs tomorrow, pa pshgs ashgs papalo, alto, mill valley, san francisco, 63. extended forecast, we've got some scattered showers on wednesday,
. what's going on? >> we have the rain outside, a wet shot there, san francisco, all of the bay area is pretty soggy right now. it's an invasion of green. none of the rainfall is terribly heavy. there's that smartering of green all over -- smattering of green all over the area. lafayette, walnut creek, concord, pleasant hill and a few specks of yellow near san mateo. the bottom line, it's here to stick around. and the timing will be pretty interesting for your weekend plans. that's coming up. >>> today republican senator rand paul called it the worst tragedy in american history since 911. and he was talking about the attack on the u.s. embassy in benghazi, libya, that filled four americans including the ambassador there, chris stevens. the hearing was secretary of state hillary clinton's chance to respond to administration critics. margaret brennan was there. >> as i have said many time, i take responsibility. >> reporter: in her opening statement, the usually reserved hillary clinton said that for her, the benghazi tragedy is personal. >> i stood next to president obama as the mari
here in the san francisco bay area and they need your help. they need volunteers. they need money. dr. joe marshal can't do this unless you get his back, and he's talking to our youth, changing their minds, so where can they get a hold of you? what is the website? >> streetdancesoldiers -- street >> there it is right there. take a look. and there is a gun buyback program going on and call them. or log on to street- and do your part. there is a lot we can do as ordinary citizens, and we can line up behind you, dr. joe marshal. thank you for the work you do. >> you got it. >> stay strong. >> all right, everyone. stay there. we have so much more. ,,,,,,,,,, >>> welcome back. the museum of the african desaper or moad as we findly love to call it, celebrates seven years of showcasing the history, the art, the cultural richness resulting from the dispersal of african people throughout the world and here to tell us what they have planned, we welcome back the executive director, great stinislaus. >> thank you for having me. >> a pleasure to be here. >> i love moad
of the san francisco house connected with the disappearance of kevin collins says he's shocked the property could be tied to the case. he owned the duplex in 1984 when kevin disappeared. he rented out the place but didn't know much about the tenants. only that they had lived there for about ten years and took care of it. investigators searched the house yesterday when an inspector looking at the cold case saw something that tickled his interest. they found bones but they appear to be from an animal. >>> in dublin, there was a candlelight vigil and a march for eileen. she disappeared 20 years ago today. she was 13 at the time and on her way home from school >> we can't give up on here. i won't give up on my child. she may be soon turning 38. she's still my child . >> her parents have held this vigil every year since their daughter's specious. >>> the economy took an urn expected turn. it shrank for the first time since the great recession. >> reporter: the headline may be disappointing, but the underlying economy was showing renewed strength at the end of last year. consumer spending, which
slammed into another car outside a corner store in san francisco's mission district on new year's day. the impact sent the car onto the sidewalk, killing a man entering the store. the woman in the car was also killed. >>> the apartment maintenance man accused in the vigilante killing of a suspected car burglar always faces life in prison. ricardo hernandez admitted to police she shot christopher soriano with an illegal gun while trying to make a citizen's arrest. >>> the three men accused of killing a wealthy businessman appeared together in court for the first time today. none of them entered a plea. they go back to court next month. the men are charged with the murder of the winery owner who was found dead in his mansion in late november. >>> the flu season has started early this year. a high level of flu in these 29 states. and a moderate level in nine others. in california, officials are gearing up for a surge in flu cases. >> i'm enjoying my honey and tea and lemon. >> reporter: it seems like everyone knows someone who is suffering from the flu. >> i was just feverish, sweating,
'donnell. they will be joined by michelle. >> the low for san francisco tonight, 49 minus one. down to 48 degrees. all these temperatures above freezing because we have cloud cover. we'll talk about the forecast coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> did you ever sport a mustache? >> no, but i grow a goatee whenever i'm on vacation. i have to have a heck of a vacation to match ken bastida, that's for sure. >> peek outdoors today, we are seeing that glean blob? that's some rain heading in our direction. we'll be talking about showers. we need it. livermore, 14% for january. san jose, 11%. san francisco running at 3% of our normal rain fall. here's what we have going on with satellite and radar. what we see here is moisture moving in from the south and west. it's going to keep moving up and we'll have a front coming down from the north and those two will collide. it's not going to be widespread, but any rain fall. showers are back tomorrow as that front moves through. that's the leading edge of a pattern change, rather than the big bubble of high pressure. now we have to look to low pressure to keep us so
of this documentation which could ensure the longevity. >> here in san francisco, earthquake happened, building collapsed [ audio difficulty ] >>> stay put over the inland areas as well as central bay. otherwise, fog should develop in the mid-section of the week and throughout sacramento, modesto. 37 degrees after beginning at 15 below, tonight 18 below, our highs, in the 50s, a few 40s still. will take awhile to warm up. a range of 47 to 53 degrees mainly in the low 50s. you will notice by wednesday we start to notice the seasonal high of 60 in our inland areas, not until wednesday night will we realize those lows over that freezing point. tonight will be brutal. >>> thank you appreciate it. >>> there were more goose bumps than you might expect on a bart train expected packed with people. passengers were encouraged to ride bart fully dressed except for their pants. they are however expected to wear underwear nudity is forbidden. what is this about? >> no protest no message just out having a good time in a crazy city in the middle of winter. >> the no pants ride began in new york in 2002 it is
's disease. pauline phillips' column ran in papers across the country for decade. she started at the san francisco chronicle in 1956. the dear abby column was taken over by her daughter in 2002. pauline phillips was 94 years old. >> she was such a great writer and had those great one liners. it was amazing. >>> you're sort of like the dear abby of the news department for the weather. >> sometimes i feel like a psychologist as well as a meteorologist. hey, can you please make it this. >> well, the sunny part is find fien. around here we're enjoying january -- fine. around here we're enjoying jan sunshine. we'll be down near -- january sunshineful we'll be down near freezing -- sunshine. we'll be down near freezing again tomorrow. have you seen this over the past several days? yeah, you -- cbs5 hi-def doppler -- you have, cbs5 hi- def doppler completely and utterly dry. last month we had a foot of rainfall and this month we've had 1/2 of 1 inch of rainfall, big change because of this dome of high pressure and it's not moving. the storm track is about 700 miles to our north keeping all the
everywhere i want in san francisco. i went coincidence, coincidence. maybe not. then i quit smoking. i doubled my sales. i imagined myself as a magnet and attracting people and places to me. >> you talk about the language. i think that's important. in a tape you have you say basically if you say done visualize, it's the first thing you hear. your mind doesn't make the distinction between the visual and don't do it. don't doesn't mean anything to the visual factor here. >> exactly. perfect. we want to eliminate the word don't because the mind cannot picture don't. when we are frustrated because we haven't gotten that job, then we want to say to ourselves i know something better is coming. i know people who after so many rejections they started their own business. they were happier than ever. >> some of the negativity too goes back to fear. fear because it's happened in the past. it didn't work out in the past so i am afraid it will happen again. maybe the parking space will work. we've got go but we want to let you know former information about summer and her workshops visit her website
can visit the new jazz center at the corner of fell and franklin streets in san francisco. learn all the about it at their website at we leave you now with sf jazz favorite, esperanza spalding. thank you for watching. i am susan sikora.
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